Meet Our 2021 Entrepreneurs-In-Residence

We are actively launching 9 D2C startup projects with EIR’s and coaches in what we are affectionally calling our Season Zero. With our pilot batch and brand new program, being built as we go, comes abundant opportunity to learn, teach and grow. Meet the Dark Horses.

EIR, Heavenly Street

Chandrika Mann

EIR, Brightly Boxed

Rachel Vollmer

EIR, Haven Snacks

Shamsiya Khabeer

EIR, Sword

Nadim Hasan

EIR, MindFxcked

Carla Viljoen

EIR, Subscription Manager

Muhammad Hamza

EIR, BeeEpic

Susahosh Rahman

EIR, Gear Of Defense/ce

Emery Bishop