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Can John Uncu

Founder - Vaultron

Chandrika Mann

Founder - Heavenly Street

Extension Tlhareseng

Founder - Quick Server

Himani Sangamesh

Founder - Modern Saint

Nthabiseng Mashiane

Founder - Moonshots

Rachel Vollmer

Founder - Local Provisions

Shamisya Khabeer

Founder - Haven Nutrition

Stanley Lou

Founder - Bribe IO

Lindani Louvie

Founder - Bribe IO

Thulaganyo Kodisang

Founder - Herbicious

Every great Entrepreneur needs their game changing product!

Here are ours. 


Crypto Blockchain Jewelry: Password Vault, Control Switch, Digital Wallet in Secret Rings, Bracelets and Chains.

Heavenly Street

All Natural Eco Friendly Wellness, Body Care & Beauty Products Platform – Box Set Collection. Subscription based box sets or one off purchases. Soap Cosmetics Body Care etc.

Quick Serve

Handy Pros App. Hassle-Free Home Services. Hire a Local Contractor for Your Next Home Project. Better, Faster, Cheaper.

Modern Saint

Personalized Natural Wellness Care Kit, ‘Daily & Divine’ Subscription Supplement Sets – Curated Premium Natural Health Supplements.


All Natural Biohacker Candy, Gum and Losenges, A Throat Salve, Natural Chemistry Based Breath Elixir, Therapeutic Oral Power-Chews.

Local Provisions

Curated gifts platform featuring local products from small businesses – Chrome extension for gift reminders and curated gift selection.

Haven Nutrition

Organic Vegan Superfood Curated Snacks like Nutrition Bars and Awesome Superfood Subscription Box Service, Healthy Gum etc.

Bribe IO

Solar & Alternative Clean Energy Electricity Subscription Service fighting Load-shedding.


Plant Powered & CBD Drinks and Curated Herb Based Snacks, Delicious, Nutritious, Audacious Herbicious.

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