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Darkhorse’s 2021 pilot is a six month, remote accelerator that will develop entrepreneurs building more than a dozen early stage D2C (direct to consumer) startups in tandem. Join their journey in real time via life streams, social media, interactions and video recordings. This first batch begins June 2021.

Live & Interactive

Much more than a peak behind the scenes

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) from Canada, USA, Singapore and South Africa, participate in a intensive venture building effort including leadership development activities and challenges alongside their global peers with daily exposure to global entrepreneurial best practices from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors.

New relationships, and an exchange of culture is made with the goal to have positive impact and success rates far beyond typical.

For the purposes of both entrepreneur educational advancement and inspiration everything is documented. whether successful or ending in failure.

Program Segments

A combination of incubation for the first three months and acceleration for the last three. Live streaming weekly twice a week minimum with a variety of programming types.

The Accelerator Arena

Open source style live and interactive streaming - behind the scenes startup acceleration including impact and growth metric reporting. Includes audience demo day presentations.

Founder Diaries

Get to know us, possibly be inspired and absolutely learn from our mistakes. Each entrepreneur and coach will share a short video record of each week's main occurrences and how it made them feel.

The Boardroom

Our entrepreneurs take the hot seat and get asked the hard questions and are provided blunt advice from coaches, advisers and the occasional guest a-lister.

Cheat Codes & Unfair Advantages

How to biohack, neurohack, break the casino, take smart cuts, surf the gray areas, leverage gamification, complete level up challenges and win sponsored prizes.

AMAA …an extra A for Absolutely

Audience will be invited to ask me (us) absolutely anything as we run through deep, reflective, thoughtful questions with honest honest.

Horse’n Around

Startup memes, current events, pop culture, goss, and film/streaming watchables while baked.

Hero-led startups

Online, Live

and Interactive Artistry

Our goal is to maximize innovation in the world and help solve wicked problems by combining the Art of Entrepreneurship with the Art of Storytelling.

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