There are multiple ways to join us

Each season a group will be selected to join the online live-stream series or one can sign up for the at your own pace remote instruction or become a fan with participation and follow the journey.

Participate in the way that works best for you

With multiple options you can join Darkhorse, either via audience participation the live streaming show, as a remote founder apprenticeship or by becoming and Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), staring in an upcoming live streaming series (current one closed started June 2021 and next one planned early 2022). Remote apprenticeships come with access to private group, online modules, social, live access to instructors, potential show appearances and plenty of resource material.


Apply to join our live 6 month series with full live streaming and dedicated access to all of Darkhorses resources. This includes venture assignments, peer co-pilot/co-founder matching, both live and recorded training videos, text transcripts, worksheets and scheduled group activities.

Darkhorse audience network access and be featured in a 6 month series with a chance to access further perks and resources. This is the most intensive offer at Darkhorse and is the flagship program held once a year.  You can apply to be considered from anywhere in the world. On approval travel and accommodation arrangements will be organized. In-Residence is still virtual and remote for the pilot 2021 season beginning June, ending November 2021.

Founder Apprenticeship Program

Full access to our online e-learning platform with the exact same startup program, recorded training sessions, worksheets and assignments the in-residence live streamed teams experience.

Additional bonuses include weekly live access to Darkhorse mentors and peers and a private online VIP group for regular Q&A, troubleshooting and encouragement you on your path towards success. Work at your own pace and get accountability so you stay the course.

Interactive Darkhorse Community

Join our global audience community of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs who share your values and commitment to personal human development and professional impact. 

Entrepreneurship can be very lonely when you’re not around like minded creators and feel like the black sheep, outcast, Darkhorse you are. So lets team up as a tribe of dark horses shall we. As a community member get special access to Q&A, beta testing startup products, candid live access to Darkhorse spotlighted EIRs, member prizes and more. surrounded by “normal people” who just don’t get it. Be inspired, make new friends, learn a ton and most importantly have a blast.

Startup Coaching on Demand

Apply to get time with our group of successful entrepreneurs and startup mentors who can spend time to work one on one or in group coaching sessions. The session are live streamed then you are provided recording, transcriptions and a summary so you can take immediate action on your personalized mentorship experience. 

Watch, Socialize, Donate or Shop

Watch online and on several social platforms where we stream the accelerator live each week for the duration of each program. If you want to support a team member on the show you can through our convenient buy me a coffee links that goes straight to the team you want to be the patron to. Or if you like you can access exclusive brand merch and products in Darkhorse’s shop.

We also create exclusive live and in-person intimate events in  key cities globally including Toronto, New York, London, Berlin, Cape Town, and other select locations around the world. These immersive epic environments are a great way to bond with the Darkhorse community and access a wealth of experience and breakthrough strategies.